Anti-microbial Face Mask


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Ag scrubs is proud to present our silver-infused, anti-microbial, face mask. Our mask is woven with our fabric infused with 99.9% pure metallic silver, which provides 100% antimicrobial surface coverage to the mask
We understand that in these unprecedented times, medical supplies can be limited, so we have created a mask that is washable and reusable for continued use.
Antimicrobial Properties
Our mask has antimicrobial/anti-odor capabilities powered by it’s silver infused fabric, and is effective for the duration of the product.
Ag’s mission of creating a sanitary, more hygienic medical space has now extended its reach outside of healthcare centers and into the general public. We strongly believe in the antimicrobial technology in our products and hope to reduce transmission rates in every foreseeable scenario.

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