Ag Scrubs

The Art of Garment Protection

Ag Scrubs provides a state of the art garment, created with protective silver technology. Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical apparel, and equip healthcare workers with the necessary tools to reduce the impacts of Hospital Associated Infections.

The Art of Garment Protection

With prevention and hygiene at the forefront of what we do


Ag Scrubs was founded to provide a protective solution for soft surfaces surrounding healthcare professionals and their patients


Ag Scrubs have been designed with hygiene, comfort, and maximum utility in mind. We’ve combined all this into an efficient and beautifully designed scrub


The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for centuries. Our technology is built around these protective properties, and is tested and certified for performance


Our high tech fabric inhibits the growth of bacteria, providing permanent anti-odor capabilities. These benefits have been tested to be effective for the life of the garment.

We Do Things Differently

We’re a company that puts the healthcare worker and patient first, striving to facilitate a healthy and hygienic healthcare environment. Our product is a uniform designed with anti-microbial performance in mind, inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria on the surface of the garment.

Passion has driven Ag Scrubs since its inception

Our scrubs are designed for healthcare workers in all modalities. It is a garment created for those who want to improve the overall safety of their patients and facility. Ag’s antimicrobial performance is based around the power of silver, and our attention to design and effectiveness make it a powerful modality in the healthcare industry.


The Science Behind Ag

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