The Power of Silver

Fabric that is designed based on EPA registered antimicrobial & anti-odor technology

Ag Scrubs utilize permanent silver antimicrobial technology, manufactured and tested to ensure long-term performance for healthcare professionals and their patients

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Effectiveness of Silver

We've harnessed the proven powers of silver to create a scrub that inhibits the growth of bacteria. These antimicrobial and anti-odor capabilities have been tested to be effective for the life of the garment. Our scrubs feature fibers with 100% silver coverage to maximize performance, while remaining soft, flexible, and comfortable.

Superior Performance

Our product has been certified effective, demonstrating proven performance. Our anti-odor and antimicrobial technology utilizes the power of silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria on soft surfaces, and is proven to reduce 99.9% of odor causing bacteria on fabrics. The permanent performance of our fabric is proven to last the lifetime of the garment, even after multiple wear cycles between washings.

Our Fabric

Our fabric utilizes X-STATIC® technology, created using technical fibers with 99.9% pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of the fiber. Our fabric providers are global leaders in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications. They've produced silver-based advanced material technologies designed for mission critical applications in the performance apparel, healthcare, industrial, and emerging wearable technology markets. Our fabric features technology that is EPA certified

Science Meets Functionality

Our protective scrubs were created with the user in mind. Through long research we found a fabric that will raise the awareness of our users and those around them. Our fabric is based on silver antimicrobial/anti-odor technology that will deter the growth of bacteria that leads to odor.

The Importance of Safety and Awareness in Healthcare

Ag was founded with the goal of improving safety for healthcare workers and their patients. Ag aims to create increased awareness around HAI’s and general safety within the healthcare industry, in order to make a positive impact on the lives of those who serve others. That passion has led to a product designed to help boost the efficiency and awareness of the wearer.

Ag Fabric

Our Fabric Provider: ICONIC+

Ag Scrubs fabric provider features Iconic+ antimicrobial / anti-odor technology, which has been used by the United States Special Forces, NASA, and Olympic athletes. It has a rich heritage of delivering superior anti-odor performance and the benefits of Iconic+ have been validated by studies at prestigious institutions throughout the world for more than a decade. This means our fabric comes from a company that is committed to not only meeting but exceeding regulatory guidelines and sustainability initiatives.

Proven and Tested

Noble Biomaterials has been a Bluesign® system partner since 2013, meaning that our fabric supplier meets stringent requirements for production management practices in raw materials, wastewater, air emissions, waste management, hazards management, safety, and chemical use. Periodic audits and regular reporting of progress toward improvement goals is a key component of the Bluesign® system, as it is widely recognized as the benchmark for addressing the environmental, health, and safety impacts of textile manufacturing.